Mechanical Design and Evaluation

Developing hardware prototypes is an expensive and time consuming process. To streamline the development process, RotoSub Labs use a technique called Virtual Prototyping, allowing fast iterations using 3D models and simulation tools prior to manufacturing.


Virtual Prototype

During the Virtual Prototype phase, 3D models are developed based on the desired characteristics and performance of the fan.

In addition to normal fan design considerations, the fan is also designed to allow for correct movement of the blades to generate anti-sound. Modal analysis tools are used to ensure that desired movement is achieved in all relevant frequencies.

This is an iterative process, where many slight alterations are evaluated, to get the best possible basis for the next step - the physical prototype.

Physical Prototype

When the evaluation of the virtual prototype is satisfactory, a physical prototype is manufactured for further evaluation.

Once completed, a laser vibrometer is used to verify that the simulations corresponds to actual behaviour of the physical fan. The laser vibrometer scans the fan blades and measures the movement mapped in the frequency domain.


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